Summerspring Luxury Lodge is a Golden Bay Accommodation in the North-West of the South Island of New Zealand.

We are dedicated to sharing our secluded seaside serenity with our guests, and to making sure they have a wonderful time in Golden Bay. We are also very keen to share our knowledge and love of the area with visitors to Summerspring Luxury Lodge. To this end, we can provide information on local tours and activities, organize these for you or even accompany you as a personal guide.

In line with our own lifestyle, our property is smoke-free. The lodge is also television-free, as we have found that our days are easily filled with soaking up Golden Bay’s beautiful natural surroundings, taking part in the numerous activities on offer locally, and enjoying the company of friends and visitors alike. Enjoy the tour on our website and we are looking forward welcoming you as a guest.

The site and the property are under construction at the moment and more information will be available soon.